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Our Quality Mission Statement

AMIUM GmbH is your competent and reliable partner for products and services in the field of exhaust gas measurement technology, software, and hardware development.

Optimal Customer Benefit through “Specific Services and Durable Products”

AMIUM’s core competence lies in its many years of experience and specific know-how in product and software development in the automotive sector. We have been serving well-known customers in the automotive industry for many years to their utmost satisfaction. In partnership with our customers, we see our task as creating sustainable added value for our customers, their products, and the environment through innovative products and services.

In addition to development, we also take care of the maintenance and service of the products. We align ourselves with legal requirements, specific customer and product requirements, work exclusively with tested equipment, and provide customers with important information for the longevity of the products.

Uniqueness of Our Products and Active Customer Orientation

AMIUM develops and produces innovative product solutions, some of which are tailored to the wishes of the customer: precisely analyzing, developing creative solutions as a team, implementing them together with the customer, and making the effect measurable. This is our basis for a long-term partnership and sustainable success. Ongoing internal improvements and certification according to ISO 9001:2015 are an important part of this.

Top-Quality Service through a Flexible and Strong Team

AMIUM consists of a young, well-trained, and creative team from the fields of electronics, measurement technology, and mechanics. Further training as well as internal meetings and the exchange & building of know-how ensure well-coordinated teams and smooth order processing.

Integration of Key Resources through a Good Partner Network

AMIUM products and services are produced and offered by a strong core team in collaboration with long-term partners. We focus on the highest quality requirements of our partners and suppliers and provide them with clear guidelines. We also randomly check these through audits and on-site discussions or via our supplier assessment.

We stand behind the above mission statement and principles with our name.

Für obiges Leitbild und Grundsätze stehen wir mit unserem Namen.
Andreas Schwentner

Niederndorf, am 14.01.2014

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