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CUBE: Customized PEMS solution

CUBE: Customized PEMS solution
Customized mobile PEMS, RDE PEMS


customized mobile PEMS, RDE PEMS PEMS Cube


compact and mobile device for EU7

Plug and Play

quick setup, simple operation

Flexible usage

flexible construction kits for individual needs standard interfaces: Wifi (Cellular), LAN (AK), CAN (dbc)


low weigth, compact housing high quality measurement multiple configuration and components: THC / NO / NO2 / NH3 / CH4 / N2O / CO / CO2 / EFM / OBD / GPS…

Features / description

  • compact PEMS with individual configuration
  • customized combination of construction kits: FID (THC) UVD (NO / NO2) LGD (NH3) IRD (CH4 / N2O / CO / CO2) Technical data
  • Base controller with CPU for device control, data control
  • unit size e. g. FID (HW), UVD (RT, room temperature), LGD
  • double unit e. g. IRD with cooler
  • integrated cooler for gas drying
  • integration of additional modules, e. g. EFM (flow meter), GPS, OBD…
  • customized mounting: attachment for trailer hitch, mounting plate, …
  • compact design
  • extendible battery pack for mobile operation
  • interfaces Wifi, Cellular
  • power supply 22..28 VDC or 115 / 230 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
  • dimensions W 490 x D 440 x H 400 mm without attachment for tailer hitch
  • weight FID 12 kg, UVD 12 kg, EFM 11 kg, LGD 9 kg, base unit 14.5 kg

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