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  • Ready-To-Go

  • Flexible

  • Inexpensive

Emission Measuring Instrumentation Black-Box

VEX-RDE  (System Overview)

By combining sensor values, the actual exhaust mass-flow (either via ECU-data and/or EFM) and vehicle dynamics (GPS data and/or OBD-II) we provide pollution-relevant values like NOx, NH3, CO2, etc. in g/km!


RDE    (Real Driving Emissions)

New regulations in the EU require mandatory Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test-drives for

  • new type approvals: from 09/2017

  • for every vehicle:       from 2018

The VEX provides for an inexpensive solution to carry out these tests on a large scale (i.e. many test vehicles) - as opposed to an expensive full-featured PEMS.

The driver will get immediate feedback on the current test-drive
and in future versions
*) also guidance for remaining tasks - e.g. remaining distances yet to drive on urban and rural roads as well as motorways in order to comply to RDE guidelines.

*) if bundled with an optional mobile-device to visualize the test-drive status

Countries as e.g. India and China will soon apply similar regulations.


Use Cases

Instead of using an expensive and cumbersome PEMS, use the VEX for most of your exhaust test-drives to measure every pollution relevant gas (plus particle, GPS, temperature, etc.) for only a fraction of the cost and effort!

Due to VEX's simple usage, there's no need for a specially-trained technician.

Available Sensors

  • NOx

  • NH3

  • O2, Lambda

  • H2

  • Particle

  • Temperature

  • GPS

  • etc.

Suggested Applications

Combustion Engine Exhaust Analysis in

  • Cars, Trucks

  • Motorcycles

  • Trains

  • Boats

  • etc.

Most gas-sensors are state-of-the-art ruggedized ceramic sensors
yielding excellent accuracy and fast response times!

Use Cases

Simple Operation

Connect 2-wire power

Connect sensors *

Connect INCA


*) for first-time setup, each sensor's CAN-settings must be configured.

This can be done easily by importing the relevant dbc-file!

The integrated 4-line display visualizes the connected sensor's values in real-time.

Four keys for user-interaction - e.g.

  • toggle sending of dew-point messages

  • change the device configuration



  • Ready-To-Go and simple usage

  • Flexible (many sensors)

  • Inexpensive

  • Supports DBC file import (no manual CAN configuration necessary)

  • Pollution relevant data available in g/km (NOx, HN3, CO2, ...)

  • Connects to INCA for data analysis (live and/or post test-drive)

  • Fast response times (depending on sensor)

  • High Accuracy (depending on sensor)

  • Sensor control (incl. dew-point) to match the customer's demands

  • Direct power supply for sensors (no extra supply necessary)

  • CAN-Messages can be modified or calculated

  • Visualization of real-time measurement values on built-in LCD-screen
    (OLED likely in next update!)

  • Optional User-Interface via tablet/phone for advanced feedback

  • Firmware customizable due to customer's demands

  • Custom I/O and sensors possible (Analog, Digital, MEMS-sensors, etc.)

  • Data can be logged on USB stick

  • Firmware upgrade via USB stick




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