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  • Ready-To-Go

  • Flexible

  • Inexpensive

Emission Measuring Instrumentation Black-Box

Use Cases

Instead of using an expensive and cumbersome PEMS, use the VEX for most of your exhaust test-drives to measure every pollution relevant gas (plus particle, GPS, temperature, etc.) for only a fraction of the cost and effort!

Due to VEX's simple usage, there's no need for a specially-trained technician.

Suggested Applications

Combustion Engine Exhaust Analysis in

  • Cars, Trucks

  • Motorcycles

  • Trains

  • Boats

  • etc.

Most gas-sensors are state-of-the-art ruggedized ceramic sensors
yielding excellent accuracy and fast response times!

Available Sensors

  • NOx

  • NH3

  • O2, Lambda

  • H2

  • Particle

  • Temperature

  • GPS

  • etc.

Use Cases

System Overview (Example)



Connect 2-wire power

Connect sensors *

Connect INCA


*) for first-time setup, each sensor's CAN-settings must be configured.

This can be done easily by importing the relevant dbc-file!

The integrated 4-line display visualizes the connected sensor's values in real-time.

Four keys allow user-interaction - e.g.

  • toggle sending of dew-point messages

  • change the device configuration



  • Ready-To-Go and simple usage

  • ​Flexible (many sensors)

  • Inexpensive

  • Supports dbc-file import
    (no manual CAN configuration necessary)

  • Connects to INCA

  • Fast response times (depending on sensor)

  • High Accuracy (depending on sensor)

  • Sensor control (incl. dew-point) to match the customer's demands

  • CAN-Messages can be modified

  • Visualization of real-time measurement values
    on built-in LCD-screen (OLED likely in next update!)

  • 4 buttons for user-interaction
    (trigger functions, configuration, ...)

  • Software customizable due to customer's demands

  • Data can be logged on USB-stick

  • Firmware upgrade via USB-Stick

  • Custom I/O and sensors possible (Analog, Digital, MEMS-sensors, etc.)




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