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Compact Laser diode dector LGD available

May 05, 2019

LGD: Our new compact solution for ammonia measuring!


- stand alone device

- heated sampling system

- integrated membrane pump

- integrated filter

- integrated pressure regulator for high inlet pressure

- cross-sensitivity to H2O included; no other cross-sensitivities

- stationary (230 VAC) and mobile (24 VDC) operation

- measured values long-term stable

December 17, 2015

Die Aktivkohlefiler-Befüllsation "Condor" ist fertig!


The Charcoal-Filter Loading Station "Condor" is ready!

December 08, 2015

Unsere neuen PreSampler (MEX801) sind fertig zum Versand!


Our new PreSamplers (MEX801) are ready to be shipped!

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